Is your child struggling with reading and you have no idea what to do?!

You are here because....

❌ Your child can't work independently

❌ Your child is easily frustrated with reading

❌ Your child avoids or runs away from reading

❌ Your child feels embarrassed and anxious about reading in class

I get it..I've been in your shoes

When I homeschooled, I was so desperate to help my struggling learner.I tried many different programs but they either took too long to see results or was too overwhelming to teach.I stayed up many nights searching for answers. And like you...

I just did NOT want to FAIL! 🙅🏾

" Hi, I'm Olivia Richarson. After failing at teaching a homeschooler how to read, I dug into the Science of Reading and became a certified Reading Interventionist. I learned multisensory strategies and zeroed in on cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

I believe that every child has the right to know how to read and I've made it my life's mission to teach the children who need the most support.

Who is tutoring for?

Your child will benefit from tutor if he/she

  • is reading below grade level

  • needs help remembering letter names and sounds

  • needs help comprehending when he/she reads


"Thank you for teaching me to read!" - Student, in-person, DE

"I love your services. It helped my daughter so much when I was not able to help her at home with reading. The tutor was very encouraging and helped through the entire process step by step! She gained so much confidence so I would like to thank you again. Good luck in the future:)" - Natasha R., NM

"Olivia was a great teacher for our daughter. Her kind and caring nature made it easy for our daughter to relax and focus on the lessons. I highly recommend her teaching style and love for learning. Thank you so much, Olivia." - Julia P., DE

"When I went home, I read Hop on Pop all by myself!" - Student, DE

"Olivia was very patient and kind with my son who has A.D.D. She helped him tremendously with reading larger words and most importantly comprehension. Olivia incorporated learning games to help keep my child’s attention while learning. I definitely recommend Olivia for your child’s tutoring." - Theresa M., DE

What's included?

>> personalized and targeted instruction

>> fun and engaging weekly lessons

>> free access to readers and activities

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Meet your tutor

My name is Olivia Richardson and I have spent over 1,200 hours helping students learn to read. I began my teaching journey with an online ESL company and taught over 4,600 students online. Through helping local kids in my community, I discovered a passion for teaching reading. Shortly after, I began my training as a Reading Interventionist for the Reading Assist Institute in Delaware. The training equipped me to teach reading to children who needed the most support. Today, I get to work with amazing kids and support parents. I've witnessed frustrated students become confident and excited readers. If your child is struggling with reading, please sign up for a free reading assessment.

Tutoring Packages

Packages are based on 3-month terms; Payment Plans are available!

Option A Option B Option C
12 sessions per term24 sessions per term36 sessions per term
1 per week2 per week3 per week
Price: $899/termPrice: $1799/termPrice: $2699/term
Personalized LessonsPersonalized LessonsPersonalized Lessons
Quarterly Progress ReportsQuarterly Progress ReportsQuarterly Progress Reports
Access to Digital LibraryAccess to Digital LibraryAccess to Digital Library

Frequently Asked Questions

What grades do you tutor?
Tutoring is available for students in K-4th grades
Is online tutoring effective?
Online tutoring is flexible, convenient, cost-effective, personalized, and fun!
How does online tutoring work?
Parents/Guardians will receive an email with a ZOOM link and the rest is left to the tutor.
What are your rates?
The initial assessment is free. Updated payment options can be found under "pricing". Invoices are emailed monthly.
How long are the sessions?
For Kindergarten, two 30 min sessions are recommended. For older students (1st grade and up), at least two 50-60 min sessions are recommended.
What is your availability?
Currently, I have the following time slots available for tutoring:
Mon: 5:30p - 7:00p
Tues: 4:30p - 6:00p
Thur: 4:30p - 7:00p
Fri: 6:00p - 7:00p
How many sessions does my child need?
At least two 50-60 min (or at least two 30 min for Kinders) per week is recommended. However, parents are able to schedule up to 4 sessions per week.
What will I need for online tutoring?
Laptop/desktop with a camera
Download Zoom (it’s free!)
Headset with a microphone
Writing Materials
How long will my child need tutoring?
The goal is to close the reading gap as quickly as possible. The length of time depends on the amount of support needed, attendance and student effort in and outside of the virtual classroom.
Are you a certified Orton-Gillingham or Barton or Wilson tutor?
The training I received is accredited by IMSLEC: International MultiSensory Structured Language Education Council. Like other Orton-Gillingham based programs, my training and lesson materials align with Orton-Gillingham. However, each child is different, and instead of using one program like Barton or Wilson, I use material that meets the individual need of the student and gets the best results.


Schedule a consultation and receive a free reading assessment. Find out the exact areas where your child is struggling and how a private tutor can help!

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